2014 Porsche Panamera facelift lights on

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2014 Porsche Panamera facelift lights on

You Can Hear the Improvements
Twist the Panamera-shaped key fob and the 2013 Porsche Panamera GTS lights with an aggressive bark from its dark exhaust pipes. Those crafty Porsche engineers have also developed a system called the Sound Symposer, a mechanism that channels the car's reedy roar from the intake system between the throttle valves and air filters. This special acoustic channel then feeds some of the intake sound back into the passenger compartment via the A-pillars. The exhaust system also has flapper valves that open to decrease backpressure (and let out more engine exhaust note) or close to dull the roar, depending on your mood. Activate the Sport Plus mode (which gives you the most aggressive suspension, transmission and exhaust settings) or you can summon the louder pipes via a separate button on the console.

When it comes to high output, low power draw, and awesome modern looks, Porsche panamera LED Lights are where it's at. LED technology projects a pure, bright beam that is both highly visible and much quicker to engage compared to incandescent bulbs. Plus, LED Auto Lights last an incredibly long time and demand very little power from your electrical system. Upgrade your looks and safety with LED Lights for Porsche panamera, and maximize your savings.

2017 Porsche Panamera LED Lights

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