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Nissan Qashqai Rear lights perform two primary functions. Firstly, it is essential when travelling in conditions of poor visability such as the dark, rain or snow that you are seen by the vehicle behind you. Secondly, Nissan Qashqai tail lights act as a warning to other drivers that the vehicle is braking.

When you are faced with non functioning Nissan Qashqairear light clusters, it is not always the light unit that’s the problem. A blown rear light bulb, fuse, relay failure or wiring loom issues can cause your rear light assembly to stop working. The issue could also lie with the battery or the rear light bulb holder.

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If you have checked all these potential factors and your Nissan Qashqai rear lights still do not function, or your rear lights have been smashed then it is most likely your rear lamps will need replacing.

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