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Depo 333-2028N-AQ Jeep Liberty Driver/Passenger Side Replacement Fog Light Assembly


How to change a 2005 Jeep Liberty Head Light

Looking for an automotive part to make your 02-07 Jeep Liberty Headlights and Fog-Lights stand out from the crowd? Oracle Lighting has what you need, LED Halo Rings (Angel-Eyes) lights. Offered in a variety of styles, options, colors, and a Lifetime Warranty by Oracle. Oracle lights LED Halo rings sold by ShopPMLIT, use an advanced type of LED bulb that can produce brilliant light output, while only consuming a small amount of power. These small LED bulbs are placed onto a strong 6-layer PCB frame (Printed Circuit Board). The LED PCB ring frame can easily be installed onto the inside of your existing 02-07 Jeep Liberty housing/shell of the Headlights and Fog-Lights, using the pre-installed 3M adhesive double sided tape. Instantly bringing your vehicle's appearance to a new custom appearance with super bright Halos, visible in direct sunlight/daytime.

All lights (interior and exterior) go off without warning. They come back on, but it's pretty scary when you're driving at night in traffic at 65 mph. The issue is becoming more frequent - isn't temperature related (happens in winter and summer), can happen soon after starting vehicle or after 60 minutes of driving, is not related to rough road surface or crossing a railroad crossing. Has been to Jeep dealer twice - both times dealer stated they couldn't repeat the issue and sent the car back without fixing it. If you google - 2002 Jeep Liberty headlight problems this issue comes up frequently. You'd be amazed. This vehicle is driven daily by my daughter. It has never been involved in any kind of an accident. Originally, I just wanted it fixed - it scares my daughter to drive it. Now it's scaring me. Should this vehicle be recalled? it's been recalled for a rear trailer hitch and has never had a trailer hitch. Now, I want the car made safe. Check the website, contact Jeep - this is a more common problem than you might think. Thank you for listening.

Jeep Liberty Headlight Bulb Replacement KJ 2002-2007

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    Model Specifics: Fits Original Jeep Liberty Headlights ONLY | Will NOT Fit AfterMarket Headlights | Please let us Know if you Have 02-04 or 05-07 Models