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Infinity Mirror Tunnel Lamp LED Lighting Sensory Party Decor by Playlearn


Light Up Pendant - Infinity Tunnel - Flashing LED

This was the final work for my degree. I built a structure that people could walk into that was transparent but covered entirely in lights. These lights had 8 different stages that were controlled by an arduino remote on the side - for every stage a new set of lights would turn on. The floor and roof were covered in mirrors so that when it was fully on, you would be in an infinity tunnel of lights.
The concept behind this was that the more lights were turned on, the more enclosed you became in the work until it was endless.

With multiple modes of interaction, this Infinity Tunnel of light provides diverse sensory entertainment and effects with a simple button switch.

Light Up Color Changing LED Coasters by FlashingBlinkyLights

  • Egyptian 3D Solid Infinity Wall Tunnel Light Mirror
  • Intro: cool DIY infinite LED tunnel

    This tutorial will teach you how to make an Infinity Mirror Table. This table will light up objects that are placed on it, giving you a beautiful backdrop for your objects, but also force you to clean everything up before you leave the room, because the light will only goes off ones there is nothing left on the table. A one-way plexiglass mirror reflects LEDs into a two-sided plexiglass mirror, giving off the illusion of an infinite tunnel of lights.