What Is Infiniti Welcome Lighting?

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What Is Infiniti Welcome Lighting

Infiniti Welcome Lighting is a system that turns on a few of the vehicle’s interior and exterior lights as you approach the driver’s door or rear hatch with the Infiniti Intelligent Key in your pocket. Depending on the vehicle the system uses the interior dome light, the puddle lights in the mirrors, and LED lights installed under the edge of the car in order to provide an increased sense of welcome and security as you enter your vehicle in the dark.

Throughout your journey with Infiniti, you've dared to dream beyond the expected , to blaze .... Sometimes, a warning light in the gauge cluster will come on to let ... infiniti warning lights

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Infiniti Accent Lighting Kit

My brothers 335xi has this along with my friends M3, I want to be able to have my driver and passenger side leg area lit up with this ambient lighting Infiiniti offers. My question is, will the light match that of center console accent light? and also has anyone done this to their car yet? Im planning on Infiniti installing this once I buy it but is it really worth the $150? Feedback is appreciated. thanks guys

Infiniti Accent Lighting Kit

pic infiniti warning lights 9 Jun 2009 ..

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