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Some of the more critical dashboard warning light that you should be aware of are the Airbag Fault warning light and temperature indicators. The Airbag Fault warning light indicates a safety issue with one of your airbags that can negatively impact your safety and resembles a passenger and an inflated airbag. Any symbol that appears on your dashboard and employs a thermometer indicates that you have high transmission or coolant temperatures that will severely harm your vehicle if not taken care of. Your owners manual will generally have a comprehensive guide to your Ford dashboard warning lights and indicators and will explain what they all mean.

The color of the individual Ford dashboard warning light is also a good indicator of the severity of the situation and can help direct you to the correct course of action. Generally, if you see a blue or green dashboard indicator light it is informational and reflects a vehicle system that is on or operating. If the dashboard warning light is orange, yellow or red it is important that you see your local mechanic or take your car to the in the near future. If the symbol is flashing, however, it is extremely important to get your car to a licensed technician as soon as possible, think of it as a ticking automotive time bomb.

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Take care of your vehicle and your safety by understanding, what are Ford dashboard warning lights and what do they mean. It is important that you know what these dashboard warning lights and indicators mean, to protect your vehicle and your safety. If you are looking for a new vehicle we have an exceptional of new at Dahl Ford and none of them have any warning lights on. Stop in and take one for a today.

We’ve all seen it, the dreaded blinking light on your dashboard as you cruise down the road. That simple little flashing dashboard warning light immediately conjures up visions of astronomical car repair bills and almost always gives you a little scare. While dashboard warning lights are definitely troubling they are certainly good reminders of necessary car maintenance that can help prolong the life of your new and protect your investment. There are so many different warning light and indicators that it is often like trying to read Japanese characters it is so foreign. So, at Dahl Ford we posed the question “What are Ford dashboard warning lights and what do they mean?” to help you decipher these intricate codes in our .