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To be sure that no external moisture gets into the Chevrolet Cavalier Head Light though, it is a prudent idea to silicone seal the edges. Clear silicone sealant can be found in any hardware store (and some auto part stores), and can be applied to the seam along the Cavalier headlights where the clear lens meets the rear housing. The $5-$10 is worth it in the long run to protect your investment.

Theoretically you can, but we highly recommend against doing so as it will void the warranty on the Chevrolet Cavalier Headlights. This is due to the fact that the constant flashing of the halo leads its life to be decreased dramatically. If you are unable to wire the halos to your Cavalier's parking lights, we recommend wiring them to your Cavalier's low beams or installing a separate switch.

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    During the first few days of operation, it is normal to see some moisture appear in your Chevrolet Cavalier Headlights. This is due to the small amounts of moisture in the plastic and coating that are evaporated when the headlights are first warmed up during use. This sort of moisture is normal and should disappear within a few days.