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Bright ideas: Xenon headlights offer many benefits over conventional halogen headlights. They produce brighter, clearer light, use less energy and have a longer service life.
Xenon headlights are a high-intensity discharge light source for high or low beam, and offer a number of advantages over conventional halogen bulbs. The light is produced by an electric arc that forms between two tungsten electrodes. The very small headlamp consists of a bulb made of quartz glass, filled with xenon gas under high pressure, plus mercury and metallic salts – less than 1 mg in total.
This ionised noble gas uses less energy and has a much longer service life than conventional headlamps. To make sure that vehicles driving towards you or ahead of you are not dazzled by this stronger light, BMW xenon headlights incorporate a projection lens which directs the light beam straight to the road. In addition, automatic height adjustment aligns the headlights to suit the load the car is currently carrying.
Xenon headlights provide particularly bright, intense illumination of the road, ensuring significantly greater visibility in bad weather or in the dark – an important contribution to your driving safety. Originally introduced in the BMW 7 Series for low-beam headlights, BMW now also offers xenon light for full and dipped beam headlights, also known as bi-xenon headlights.

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BMW Intelligent Headlight Technology: Short Version.

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extends throughout the entire car, including the headlights. BMW headlights all follow a somewhat specific design, with their two-circle design, so when a BMW can shake the design up a little bit, it’s refreshing. The i3’s funky little headlights sit above what seems to be an under bite perfectly match the funky styling of the rest of the car.