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Audi is a valued auto brand, respected and followed in the auto industry for manufacturing some of the sleekest and most reliable luxury vehicles. Their main facilities are located in Germany, where they have continued to create game changing and intuitively sophisticated engineering for all of their vehicles. Their quality driven standards are embodies by their team, which is showcased in every one of their products available in the auto market, especially lighting parts and components. The back end of the majority Audi vehicles have a pronounced shape to them, with fashionable brake lights that are also recognized as taillights. When your Audi’s rear lights become damaged, they will need to be replaced. They can also be replaced with aftermarket lights in order to customize the look of your Audi. Your brake lights entail an easy procedure for replacing and do not take a lot of time at all. The first thing you need to do is park your Audi on a level surface and open the trunk. Next, take out the two screws on each side of the interior of your Audi’s trunk with a Philips screwdriver. This will allow you to take out the rear taillights. Unplug the two clips in the back of your Audi’s taillights in order to detach the bulb wiring and then take out the taillights. If your light bulbs need replacement, take them out and put in the new ones from behind your back taillights. Replicate this procedure in the reverse order to put in your new taillights on your Audi. FCP Euro has a great selection of Audi lights and at the most affordable, as well as all of the parts and components you will need for your Audi’s specific make and model.

Audi is already developing tomorrow’s lighting technologies today, and four key trends are clearly discernible here: The Audi vehicle lighting will react even more precisely to conditions of the environment, it will communicate with it in a variety of ways and thereby further increase active safety. Lighting of the future will feature full-electronic control and will be even more attractive and distinctive based on new dynamic functions.

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My nifty audi lights shine where Im driving,not way over on the other side,where they would shine in the face of other drivers… and illuminate a man running across the road so that I could slow down and have time to figure out if hes going to keep going and I need to swerve or stop.

The biggest advantage that Audi has when they use the LED innovative technology is that the LED sare only one square millimeter in size which is why they can be used in a number of different manners with increased flexibilities and even the designers would also have a flexibility in creating a unique design for every model which is distinct in its approach towards the model but can still can maintain the signature Audi styling.
One of the exciting features of Audi LED technology is that it is able to recreate the lighting environment which is almost similar to the day light. Most of the people who have to drive at night find it quite a difficult task to maintain the lighting environment which is helpful for a safe and sound ride. Most of the lighting technologies can serve the purpose but there are certain limitations such as the light emitted may miss out on something which may require the attention of the driver. On the other hand, Audi’s LED technology creates the lighting which is almost similar to daylight. Talking about the numbers, the day light is in the range of 5000 to 6000 Kelvin. The light recreated by the Audi LED lighting technology emits the light which is 5500 Kelvin which is almost similar to day light. Such a bright lighting condition creates a lighting environment which is just about right. It is not inadequate as the same time it is also not so blinding as to create an uncomfortable situation for the other fellow vehicles.
Audi uses the LED technology not only in the headlights but also in the taillights. How can that help? Well, if you have seen an accident taking place at the night where a driver would have lost control over the vehicle and rammed into the car in front of it, because he noticed the car quite late in the dark of the night. The Led tail lamps can help prevent the accidents such as these. This is because the LED tail lamps have more effective light which is visible from farther distance and this can prevent such accidents.
Another positive aspect about the LED technology is that it helps the efficiency of the engine to boost. The normal bulbs used in other vehicles require too much energy which in turn uses the engine quite extensively. The engine usage spikes the fuel consumption. But LED technology uses less power hence it makes the engine usage lesser and makes them more fuel efficient.